Original Dire Straits guitarist David Knopfler was the latest interview guest of the YouTube channel of ‘Rock History Music’ last week and talked about the vibe of the first and second Dire Straits albums which were released in 1978 and 1979.

As you may already know, David Knopfler is one of the co-founders of Dire Straits which was co-founded by his elder brother Mark, bass guitarist John Illsley, drummer Pick Withers and David himself in 1977. David released six different solo albums with Dire Straits and more than fifteen albums as a solo artist.

In the interview, David talked about the huge success of the first two albums and the huge success of the single named ‘Madonna’s Daughter’ from his debut album named ‘Release’ by revealing 43 years old of an untold truth. David unveiled why he did not give any credit to the guitarist of the song, Jack Sonni, after releasing the track.

Here is what David said:

“On my first album, ‘Madonna’s Daughter’, I didn’t give any credit to Jack Sonni, who was the replacement for Dire Straits, with whom I was rehearsing in New York City. But ‘Madonna’s Daughter,’ on the first album, that guitar lick is Jack’s!

It gets no credit for it whatsoever but it’s pretty central. How this song was written but he had a counter-lick that really is integrated into the song.

If I had my time over, I’d have given him a co-writing credit on the music. It’s just how it is, I don’t think anybody ever means and I don’t think there’s any malice intended. It’s just how it works.”

Here is how he continued:

“So that was what the first Dire Straits album was – it was Mark who was driven to do what he was going to do, and he was going to do it whether I was around or not, I have no doubt about that.

“But at the same time, I was there, I got us the record deal, I was instrumental in the arrangements of the early songs, we played together as an acoustic duo. So there was a lot of stuff going on.”

You can check out the whole conversation below.

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