The iconic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth displayed yet another impressive piece of his artwork series on social media, however, fans were focused on something entirely different.

As you may know, the Van Halen family has been mourning after the tragic loss of the guitar legend Eddie Van Halen. On October 6, 2020, Eddie sadly passed away at the age of 65 following his long battle with cancer. Since then, his family and fans around the world have been paying tribute to the iconic musician by sharing their best Van Halen memories on social media platforms.

While the Van Halen fans were expecting to see more Eddie-related posts especially from his bandmates, David Lee Roth shared a brand new illustration about an upcoming holiday on Twitter. In his latest artwork, David presented his version of Halloween; ‘Soggy Halloween.’

Here’s what David Lee Roth wrote on his recent illustration:

“Havin’ A Soggy Halloween!

How ‘Bout you..?

Postcards From The Bottom Pt.1

The Holidays Begin…”

However, in the comment section, Van Halen fans were asking something entirely different than David’s illustrations. Although they enjoyed his art dearly, the fans asked Roth to gather the old band together and pay a proper tribute to Eddie.

David didn’t wrote any responses to the comments which might also indicate that he was not against the idea entirely.

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on his Twitter account below.