Former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth posted a tweet on his official Twitter account and shared a brand new drawing from his recent ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic series in which he narrated the story of how he got into trouble while riding his bicycle explained the way he escaped.

As you might recall, David Lee Roth recently shared a ‘real story’ via a series of sketches on his official Twitter page from the time when a guy pushed a stereo into his way while he was riding a bike in Pasadena where the Van Halen brothers and Roth himself grew up.

With his previous posts, David Lee Roth had described how he got into trouble as people coming out of a parked car started chasing him while he was just cycling. As if the stress of running away from five people was not enough, realizing that two of them were police officers made this escapade even tenser. Despite fans’ increasing curiosity, Roth had left the story in the middle by saying ‘to be continued.’

With his follow-up post, Diamond Dave revealed the rest of the story, and apparently, the situation got even worse before it got better. As he was trying to escape five people running after him, Roth’s only way out was blocked by a guy walking his dog on a leash. However, he saw an opening and managed to get through and escape without getting caught. Roth thanked Jesus and stated that nobody should question his existence after seeing such a miracle.

Here is how Roth described what happened during his bike ride that went wrong:

“Even better. Guy with dog steps from behind three walks dog across the sidewalk. Dog sits, the guy steps back and pulls the leash tight blocking the only ‘out.’ I am completely, totalmente f*ck. Don’t tell me there ain’t no Jesus! Just enough room, off the curb and rite into a freeway off-ramp. I stay up, I don’t get hit. I remember the horns, the dog bark.”

You can see the Twitter post below.