The ex-frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth has come up with yet another piece from his famous artwork series, ‘Soggy Bottom,’ and celebrated the new year with an ironic message, drawing attention to the ongoing environmental problems.

As you know, the talented artist and musician, David Lee Roth, has been expressing himself through some amazing paintings he drew for months now. Along with his vocal skills, Roth proved that he’s a great painter by displaying his finest works that carry social and political messages on Twitter.

On his latest drawing, David Lee Roth wished a happy Christmas to all, but, in his own way again. The painting, based on purple hues, pointed out the global environmental crisis with the message that says, ‘Mother nature knockout!’

Referring to the problems that the world faced during 2020, Roth attracted attention to the possible new challenges that the year 2021 might bring to the world considering the ongoing issues with the environment and the fact that the governments are ignoring them. Fans loved the way that David didn’t neglect to mention the importance of taking an action for the environmental crisis and showed their appreciation in the comment section of his tweet.

Here’s what was written on the latest artwork of Roth:

“North Pole USA. Polar surveillance. Camp Santa. We know when you’ve been sleeping.

2020. Hi-water holiday! Gone glacier gone!! Mother nature knockout!

You can see David Lee Roth’s latest work below.