During the conversation with Rolling Stones, Van Halen’s former vocalist Sammy Hagar made a bold statement about the coronavirus outbreak and the community reacted to it quickly.

As you might already know, one of the biggest conflicts of Van Halen fans is who is the best frontman of Van Halen, and who deserves to be in the band now. This time, the fans thought that they found another reason why David Lee Roth is the best option for the band.

Sammy stated in the conversation that he would rather be on stage even before the coronavirus vaccine if it would save the music industry. He said that the economic collapse will be more deadly in the long run, and he would sacrifice himself for the people.

However, this statement of Sammy didn’t get a good reaction by the community. Most of the fans criticized his point of view and explained this is why Sammy is not the best vocalist of Van Halen.

The fans penned that David Lee Roth will always be the best frontman of Van Halen by praising David’s musical talent as well of his character. In this way, David earned some credits from the fans just because of Sammy’s controversial statement.

A Twitter user named Jsthreet said:

“This is why David Lee Roth will always be the superior Van Halen frontman.”

A fan of David Lee Roth, Keith Murphy wrote:

“And another reason why David Lee Roth is better…”

Another fan named George added this comment:

“Van Halen forever, Van Hagar never, David Lee Roth is the better frontman.”

Another Twitter user named Brian penned:

“Sammy Hagar: Van Halen’s singer during their worst years, now sells bad tequila

David Lee Roth: Best frontman of all time, then became an EMT to help people. Case closed!”

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