The frontman of Van Halen and an extraordinary visual artist, David Lee Roth has shown up on Twitter with another masterpiece from his famous artwork series, ‘Soggy Bottom,’ and reflected his view on a possible future scenario full of chaos and anarchy.

The legendary singer, actor, author, and former radio personality, who is best known for his energetic stage persona, David Lee Roth, has given yet another insight into his strangely beautiful imaginary land, Soggy Bottom.

As you may remember, a few weeks ago, Roth has celebrated Halloween in his own way, through a Soggy Bottom Halloween party drawing. He has surprised his fans who expected him to keep mourning the grieving death of the rock and roll legend, Eddie Van Halen.

David Lee Roth has followed the best path that represents his inner world and posted a new illustration that warns people about the possible climate chaos and arctic anarchy.

The talented vocalist and artist drew one of his iconic frogs on the front side of the painting and depicted a made-up city for the interpretation of his fans. Though his followers have expected him to show a more positive perspective towards the future as it is really needed after the pandemic, David Lee Roth has reminded of a completely distressful scenario.

Here’s what David Lee Roth said in his recent illustration:

Soggy Bottom Beach Front Propertys

Las Vegas 2023

Iceberg Blowout!

Climate Chaos!

Arctic Anarchy!

Hi-Toned For Hi-Tide

You can see the post below.