During the recent episode of David Lee Roth’s podcast show on Youtube, The Roth Show, he shared some stories and observations about tiki culture.

Roth also explained how tiki culture affected local culture of United States of America. Here’s the statement:

“Service guys and gals coming back from Hawaii in all of the South Pacific area, The South Pacific Tour, The Pacific fleet. There’s a whole tour that goes all the way through all of the island and everybody coming back from Korea and even more importantly in Vietnam. We’re bringing back all manner a tropical culture.

Tiki culture arrived at our shores starting at the end of World War Two. How many guys are based South pacific style? You’ve seen the play South Pacific, coming out of Hawaii and all of that area fellows bringing back souvenirs and things everything from the Hawaiian luau the word luau the idea of having a luau. How many families had luaus here in the Pasadena Area where the wives had stacked up 1950s style hair, and it looked like an ad for 1950s Formica kinds of furniture but Don The Beachcomber this kind of a thinking was real popular made you feel tropical putting a tropical flower or a piece of fruit into your drink or something like that it gave you a tropical feeling just briefly for a second like sitting down at a Hawaiian slot-machine. I don’t know why but for a second i feel tropical do you participate in current Tiki culture at all today time it’s relevant really prevalent downtown and you live right in the heart of everything that’s happening right now and even tomorrow talk to me.

There’s a couple of bars there’s a cup that are like Tiki Style bars that I do enjoy and there’s also a cocktail called a painkiller that is a famous sort of beach, you know seved and some sort of a Tiki statue with a lot of fruit on top and oh you know. What kind of music do they play as a Tiki oriented tropical, oriented surf style, or is there a contrasting sort of Silverlake. We’re hip like jazz.

Yes in the Silver Lake bars yes it’s very contrasting, there’s not any sort or surf music being played. It’s whatever kind of hip, you know vest mustache only wearing, music is happening at he time that’s what they’re playing in those places.

It makes sense to try and contrast sometimes, unexpectedly if you play jazz with Tiki culture. It may reveal an unexpected element of Tikithat you hadn’t been thinking about like maybe Tiki culture is smart. If you look at the paintings of Edward Latex, you can look him up later. He is the fellow who really kind of thought up putting painting on black velvet because, it seems to glow like it night and most of his painting were South Pacific culture. He was around Tahiti ı think, it was turn-of-the-century, and ı may be mistaken when you say velvet paintings ı we think to Tijuana we think Elvis, we think okay, but the original stuff is gorgeous and by books of Edward Leigh tech la le whitey Ag in. He went lived in The South Pacific in his material seems to glow.

I guess my thinking is that Tiki culture, South Pacific culture is everywhere. İt’s in the NFL now you can tell from the haircuts coming out he back all that gut’s from Fiji. It’s got the be from Samoa, if I don’t see a haircut, i can see from the tribal tattoos clearly, he’s from Samoa and it’s an ideantity worn proudly got huge communities of South Pacific island community. You know Arguably some of the best rugby soccer players ever. Soccer football players ever are from nowheres near the United Kingdom, but cricket well when they started really in the seventies showing their face the face of fury and Jamaican cricket that was big front-page news. That was really big stuff.”

Watch the entire episode below.