On his official Twitter account, Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth shared another piece from his illustrations, however, fans realized that he didn’t use his recently acquired name ‘El Roth.’

As you might recall, the multitalented musician David Lee Roth has been sharing his artworks often on his social media accounts. David’s illustrations received the appreciation of his fans and followers.

Last week, Van Halen icon announced that instead of David Lee Roth, he wanted to be called ‘El Roth’ from then on. Since then, he started to sign his artworks with his new name.

However, recently on Twitter, ‘El Roth’ posted another illustration of his and forgot to use his newly acquired name. Fans realized that David used his name ‘David Lee Roth’ to sign his recent work and reminded him to use ‘El Roth.’ This raised the questions whether the illustration was an old one or simply he forgot to use his new name.

Here’s what David Lee Roth stated in his recent illustration:

“The Soggy Bottom

Constructive quarantine!!

Cool Lockdown moves for the new you!!

America gets back in touch with her reach cultural African American heritage.

Hey, remember my Jew-fro?

Don’t even think about it…”

You can see David Lee Roth’s new illustration posted on Twitter below.