One of the legendary vocalists in the world, David Lee Roth, took Twitter to show his unknown talent and revealed his feelings about coronavirus pandemic on his cryptic tweet.

As you might already know, KISS & David Lee Roth announced that they would be on the stage together and provide a good show for the audience. However, like most of the bands, they postponed the shows due to the coronavirus outbreak.

During the self-quarantine days, David Lee unveiled his unknown drawing talent by sharing the first part of his ‘The Soggy Bottom’ comic strip. Furthermore, he continued to share other episodes of this comic strip.

Today, he shared another episode of The Soggy Bottom, named ‘Showbiz Takes A Bit,’ and revealed his feelings about the postponed concerts in this way. With this drawing, we can understand that David is saddened by not being able to rock on the stage.

A fan named Chloe added this comment:

“Oh, honey I know your shows have been postponed, but your creative juices are still flowing, as evident in your beautiful artwork. Try and stay positive, you will get through this storm.”

Another fan named Cindy wrote:

Maybe, one day this Covid-19 will be over with renewed appreciation for that which matters most… It will end. Keep the faith strong, may you and yours stay safe. Your drawings… You help keep us going.”

You can check out the post below.