During a recent interview with Rock N Roll Icons, former David Lee Roth guitarist, Brian Young, talked about his experience working with former Van Halen vocalist, David Lee Roth in his solo band, and shared the best aspect of working with a person like him.

Brian Young joined David Lee Roth’s solo band in 2002 and performed alongside the famous rockstar until 2006. However, David’s decision to start working with Brian Young was not based on an audition but rather, he had already heard Young perform and was quite amazed with his work as he was capable of recreating Eddie Van Halen’s sound and aggressive guitar playing almost identically.

Brian Young is the guitarist of The Atomic Punks, which is a tribute band dedicated to early Van Halen, and in specific, to the band’s David Lee Roth era. Roth had heard the band perform and had even included their name in his 1997 auto-biography ‘Crazy from the Heat’ in which he credited them as ‘The best tribute to Van Halen ever.’

First, he worked with The Atomic Punks’ original axeman Bart Walsh with who he worked from 1999 until 2001. Then, after seeing his amazing performance which was similar to Eddie’s, he hired Brian Young. Although some have said that David Lee Roth is a difficult person to work with, Brian Young said that he actually really enjoyed his authoritative attitude.

Young explained that it can be difficult when there isn’t a leader in a band because eventually, bandmates disagree on certain matters which leads to problems and arguments between them. However, he said that working with David Lee Roth is the exact opposite as it is clear that hes the boss.

Every band member needs to follow his instructions without opposing his ideas even if they think it’s a mistake because he’s the boss and ‘it’s his way.’ Nonetheless, Young added that when David Lee Roth makes a mistake, ‘he owns up to it‘ and tries not to repeat it, which is apparently something that Young appreciated a lot.

Here’s what Brian Young said in the interview:

“I’ve always been pretty easy-going. And what I liked working with Dave is that he’s the boss, and you know it. He’s paying everybody. It’s his name on the marquee, so there’s no argument. When Dave says something, you just do it. And I do like that. Because when you’re in a band with four guys, and there’s no real boss, then it can become more arguing and this and that — ‘Why do you say this?’ Or, ‘Why did you get more credit?’

But when you’re working with a leader, and it’s a for-sure thing that he’s the leader, it’s very easy to just go, ‘Okay…’ And whatever he says, whether it’s right or wrong, everybody agrees or not, you just go, ‘Hey, he’s the boss. It’s his way.’ And then, if it’s a mistake, he owns up to it. So that’s the part that made it kind of easy. You just do what Dave tells you, and everythings fine!”

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