Van Halen’s legendary current frontman, David Lee Roth made a recent interview with Phoenix radio station KSLX and shared the untold details about his upcoming “David Lee Roth: Rocks Vegas” project.

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While giving specific details about his Las Vegas tour, David Lee Roth also shared his thoughts about Eddie Van Halen’s latest health status.

Roth stated this:

“I’m the face of Van Halen from this point on, most likely. I’m not sure what’s happening with Ed, but he’s probably not gonna answer the bell this time. And it’s not my place to guess. But we’ve been in touch.

The fellows who I’m working with in terms of my road crew and the amps come from Van Halen.”

Roth also asked if he can say anything new about the rumors that claim Eddie Van Halen is struggling with serious health issues for some time.

Here is what Roth said:

 “I hear all the same rumors that you do and it’s not my place to guess.”

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