Van Halen’s current frontman and one of the finest stage performers of all time, David Lee Roth had a new interview with Van Halen News Desk and made a really controversial statement about what’s in the future for the Van Halen fans.

Here is what David Lee Roth said about the upcoming projects and the future of Van Halen:

Jeff Hausman of Van Halen News Desk asked this:

“And now, the Van Halen question. I know that they’re on their regularly scheduled hiatus…”

David Lee Roth responded:

“Four summers have gone by. And for a singer, that’s paralyzing. Like a boxer or a tap dancer, I am dependent upon my whole rig.

My whole body. Perhaps playing a guitar, or piano, for example, with your hands, is a bit more forgiving over the years. If you come watch me now, I’m 65 going on 23. If you saw my X-rays, I’m 65 going on 80. [Laughs]

“I’ve paid a price for the time off, frankly. Enough said there. I hope the best for the fellas. But I don’t know what’s coming up with Van Halen.

It’s time for me to use whatever talents and skills that I have. I’m bettin’ the rent on it. You’re going to have a ball. This is the smile that launched a thousand hips.”

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