Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth participated in the recent episode of The New Roth Show and made an unexpected accusation about the famous TV personality, Joe Rogan.

Roth claimed that Rogan uses cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Here is his statement (Transcribed by Alternative Nation):

“I saw a great conversation with Joe Rogan, Joe and Ted Nugent. I think we were watching it together [Roth motions to his producer] and Ted who is reaching for ultimate somehow to the great outdoors or becoming part of, I understand that it’s the everywhere spirit.

American Indian First Nation understands this. His ascendancy is based on purity. He’s not getting high, he’s not getting loaded, he’s one with, in a very primitive kind of a state. He’s actually hunting his own food – primitive state.

Joe Rogan is a man of the world, he’s international, he’s very, very modern. Rogan is using old-school techniques to expand, everything in his world is expanding. Look at the way mixed-martial arts [is expanding], just visually, just visually mixed-martial-arts has expanded in the last fifteen Summers.

It’s a completely different experience watching it, it’s a completely different experience in-acting it and performing it. It’s the same thing in the way television in the way television and YouTube podcasting has expanded. So Rogan’s version as I kind of translated, he’s using cannabis to expand his perspectives. It helps Rogan to perceive or to concentrate or perhaps to meditate onto something like that.”

You can watch the recent show below:

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