On Twitter, the iconic frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth shared an article about his recent statement regarding his suggestion of using the Marine Corps approach to beat Covid-19.

The multitalented musician, David Lee Roth has been sharing his sketches and paintings often on social media platforms, particularly during the self-quarantine days due to the global pandemic of coronavirus. David has been occupied with his artworks which he called a short of performance therapy.

Recently on Twitter, David shared an article written about his opinions on how to deal with the spread of coronavirus. In the article, it was stated that David was asked to comment on President Donald Trump‘s response to the danger of Covid-19.

Here’s how David Lee Roth replied to the question:

“I sure wish our country had taken a Marine Corps approach to COVID.”

Apparently, the iconic vocalist was thinking it would have been a better choice to use the Marine Corps approach to defeat the spread of coronavirus in America. In the article David shared, the Marine Corps approach explained as follow:

“Everyone together, singularly focused on the mission. Working as a unit until the enemy is defeated. And leaving no man behind.”

Furthermore, the article suggested that if Trump chose to focus on defeating the disease instead of growing the economy, he would have a better chance of gaining people’s support in the elections in November.

Lastly, the article implied it was a surprise that David Lee Roth had the right solution to defeat the spread of coronavirus.

You can see the tweet shared by David Lee Roth on his official Twitter account below.