David Lee Roth posted a recent message on his Twitter account in which he implied that he might not be retiring after all.

As you may know, David Lee Roth recently announced that he is planning to retire. The musician revealed during an interview that his five shows at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay at the beginning of January 2022 are his last performances. He also stated that this would be his only official announcement about this decision.

Upon hearing the news, the radio personality Eddie Trunk posted a tweet that implied that Diamond Dave wouldn’t stick to his word. He said that almost no musician retires after announcing it.

Trunk’s followers also commented on this issue below the tweet, and some were quite unsure about Roth’s decision. One of them claimed that Roth may stop performing live but will embark on other projects. Roth’s latest tweet indicates that his fan might be right.

In the tweet, Roth posted a new promotional poster for his upcoming Las Vegas shows. As seen in the picture, the poster is for his ‘last tour (unless it isn’t).’ This remark not only excited the fans but also confused them due to Diamond Dave’s retirement recent and firm decision. Moreover, it signaled that Eddie Trunk might be right.

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.