Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page displaying another illustration from his ‘Soggy Bottom’ series in which he expresses his feelings about the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations considering the danger of COVID-19.

As you may know, David Lee Roth has been sharing pieces of his hand-drawn comic series, ‘Soggy Bottom,’ relevant to the issues that have been going on in the world right now. Roth has started posting his illustrations on his official website and social media accounts when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Recently, Roth shared another ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic on his official Twitter account. In his latest artwork, David used the saying ‘April showers bring mayflowers,’ however, apparently, mayflowers stand for trouble in his comic. Roth twisted the saying, which means one cannot have something good without an obstacle, and used it as a negative homage to the time when COVID started around the world, meaning May.

While some people expressed their discomfort with the newly adjusted regulations about how to celebrate Thanksgiving in a safer way, many people and celebrities showed their support for the measures which will hopefully be helpful to eliminate the disease.

In his new artwork, David reminded that the danger of coronavirus is still present and implied that he is in favor of the new regulations. The iconic frontman didn’t forget to wish his fans a happy Thanksgiving at the end of his brand new comic.

Here is what Roth wrote in his latest illustration:

“April showers bring mayflowers and what did the mayflower bring? Trouble!

Happy Thanksgiving!”

You can see the Twitter post below.