Former Van Halen vocalist and current visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently posted his most recent artwork on his Twitter account and questioned who has suffered more from the social distancing measures while sharing his latest product idea, ‘The Strippermint Icecream.’

As you know, David Lee Roth is one of the most famous frontmen in the rock scene and he rose to mainstream fame as the lead vocalist of the legendary band Van Halen. Although Roth has made a name as a rockstar, in the past year he has been making it to our headlines with his visual artwork.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Roth started spending more time creating visual artwork and posting them on his Twitter account. He created dozens of rock, pandemic, and socio-politically themed sketches which were appreciated by thousands of fans. He even released ‘The Roth Project‘ in late 2020 which he described as a visual and audio story.

In his recent tweet, he shared his latest piece which seems like an advertisement for an ice-cream brand. The brand is called ‘The Strippermint Icecream‘ and it’s made with ‘blue-cow’ milk and is non-dairy. Also, it’s ‘fat-free and loaded with sugar’ which was a joke that was highly appreciated by DLR fans.

Right under the distorted cow-like logo, there’s an inscription that reads ‘Social distance – who has suffered more, than the lonely lap dancer?’ This sentence reminded some of Van Halen’s classic hit ‘Dirty Movies‘ which made his artwork all the more interesting for the hardcore Van Halen fans.

Here’s what a fan said:

“‘Hey, you remember when that girl was prom queen? Oh wow, take it off, take it all off!’ Lactose tolerant career! Love the circular motion, honey… Just as your favorite stripper pole and our relationship. 🤣”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.