The artist and lead singer of Van Halen, David Lee Roth has shared another piece of art on Twitter and led his fans to solve his mysterious messages in their own ways.

David Lee Roth has been using his creativity in the field of painting since the self-quarantine days began. As you may remember, he has shared several of his drawings, in which some frogs and humanoid figures took place, that he made during the lockdown period.

In his brand new work, Roth has pushed the limits of expressionism once again. David Lee Roth depicted a cityscape in purple tones and marked a yellowish building in front of the purple background. Roth presented a frog-like figure coming out of the building and a man figure who climbs to a torch in this picture.

He also wrote in the painting some messages that say ‘We Salute’, ‘Hotels Open Rooms For Homeless‘, and ‘What Does “La Quinta” Mean? It’s Spanish For Behind Denny’s.’ The fans of Roth have appreciated his work and interpreted it very differently.

Here are the hashtags David Lee Roth used in his tweet which he shared the drawing:

Soggy Bottom. DLR. David Lee Roth. Diamond Dave.”

You can see Roth’s tweet below.