David Lee Roth dropped a brand new music video for ‘Lo-Rez Sunset’ and announced it on social media.

Back in November 2020, David Lee Roth released a webcomic named ‘The Roth Project.’ At the same time, the veteran singer dropped five previously unreleased songs’ Giddy Up,’ ‘Alligator Pants,’ ‘Lo-Rez Sunset,’ ‘Manda Bala,’ and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill.’

David worked with John 5, Greg Bissonette, Brett Tuggle, and Luis Conte to record these songs several years ago and recently released a new music video for ‘Lo-Rez Sunset.’ The music video tells the animated story of the singer and features a comic book figure that David has been working on since the last year, ‘The Soggy Bottom.’

Even though David didn’t write anything about the release or promote the music video, the song attracted a lot of attention from the fans. Furthermore, most fans were impressed with the beauty of the harmonies in the song and congratulated David for releasing such a great and entertaining music video.

You can watch the music video below.