Van Halen’s former frontman and current post-modern visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently posted a new piece of art on his Twitter account and announced that he has designed the second edition of his previous artwork which was highly appreciated by his fans.

Although David Lee Roth achieved mainstream fame due to his musical genius, and specifically as the frontman of the legendary band Van Halen, in the past year he has been making it to our headlines with his side projects. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Roth has been spending more time creating visual artwork than making music.

Roth’s artworks, which he has been posting on Twitter, have received thousands of comments from his devoted fans, some of whom encouraged Roth to exhibit his artwork in a gallery. This seems to have encouraged David Lee Roth who released ‘The Roth Project‘ in late 2020, and he described it as a visual and audio story.

Since then, Roth has been posting a new piece of artwork approximately every week and his latest piece was about his new product idea ‘Daves Strippermint Icecream.’ The first version was appreciated by his fans so much that it seems to have encouraged Roth to continue working on it and create a second version.

‘Dave’s Strippermint Icecream’ is basically Roth’s imaginary ice-cream brand which is made with ‘blue cow milk‘ and is non-dairy. It is also ‘fat free and loaded with sugar’ which is the irony that Roth’s fans enjoyed the most. His new artwork was applauded by hundreds of fans, some of whom even came up with a recipe.

Here’s what a fan commented:

Frosty Roth Frozen Yogurt
1/2 the Fat, Twice the fun!
Free smiles, sugar included
Stay Frosty”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s new post below.