The iconic frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth shared his latest “The New Roth Show” on YouTube and shared an interesting story of how he shot 13 times.

In the latest The Roth Show, named “THE NEW ROTH SHOW #22c: I think you just shot me..” David Lee Roth also shared his 10 favorite gun cleaning accidents.

Here is the statement of David Lee Roth, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“I was going to work at San Gabriel community which I ultimately did. We were called “tech porters” or whatever. We did every job possible. It was 1972 the emergency room out at L.A general was the stuff man that’s where you wanted to go work they had whatever it was called C Block or C cell and there were 10 beds there, and all the modern techniques that we use today were being instituted for the very first times out there.

We were seeing a lot of gunshot victims coming in. I worked the night shift. My pop made goddamn sure I told you about North Tower while he made sure of a couple other fucking things numbered number one that in an effort to stop me from smoking that I go quote downstairs at the hospital I don’t think this exists anymore out there. So I’m pretty comfortable talking about downstairs is where that extreme trauma went.

The stuff where even the best combat nurses felt their bile rise people who had to have pieces of their jaw removed from smoking and that kind of a thing and he made me look at it work with it.

He also made me deal with some gunshot victims that’s where they went downstairs and it was early in medicine and I learned early and now I’m gonna talk in my father’s voice because the first thing you got to do when somebody gets shot is calm everybody else down to be sure that you slow their heart rates down and you get everything done at lightning fucking speed.”

You can watch the whole show below.