During a recent interview with ‘The Star Tribune,’ David Lee Roth talked about Van Halen’s demo tapes, which were recorded in 1976-1977, in a collaboration with legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons.

Gene Simmons said that he discovered Van Halen in a club in an interview with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon in 2017. Today, David Lee has revealed his opinions on Gene Simmons and his producer role.

Here’s what David Lee Roth stated:

“Van Halen was like a sea anemone. It’s born looking exactly the same way it does as it passes into the hereafter.

If you listen to tracks from our club days in 1973, Van Halen, once I joined the band, sounded exactly like we did the first day together at Ed [Van Halen]’s mom’s house as we did on the first record as we did on ‘Jump.'”

He continued:

“It took us five-and-a-half years before Warner Bros finally showed up. About two years before that, Gene came to the Starwood and said: ‘Let’s try to do some demos.’ We flew to Electric Ladyland and made some tapes, but nothing really came out of them. So that was that.”

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