Van Halen’s legendary frontman, David Lee Roth uploaded his latest “The New Roth Show” and celebrated reaching 30K subscribers on YouTube.

In the latest The Roth Show, named “21B: We all limp off the set, clutching an ice pack to one body part or another…” David Lee Roth shared an untold story of how did he find a naked discovered a naked woman with a flashlight.

Here is the story, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“I grew up in the time when you had to have a magazine or uncle Saul told you about a stack of magazines. You discovered uncle Saul’s stack of magazines in the proverbial not so the proverbial basement of the house up on Rockland Boulevard in Lynn Massachusetts Swampscott.

Just making this up, most of it allegedly. We all have that experience and you had to go with a flashlight to discover what women looked like naked. Oh my god!

This was a time when every magazine stand had a section, you know the bungalow news here in Vasa Dena had everything in term of magazines: Sports, trucking, guns… And they’ve got progressively more men’s world.

You can watch the video right below for the rest of the story.