During the recent episode of The Roth Show, David Lee Roth has revealed the untold story of how he was tricked by two groupies when he was touring with Van Halen 40 years ago.

Here’s the story:

“I’m in the hotel room. It’s the day after some show, it’s somewhere in the Midwest as I recollect. But more importantly I was staring at the cracked and peeling ceiling of an unforgiving Holiday Inn living in sin and a Holiday Inn and; a knock comes at the door, it’s summertime, I’m in a state of undress well strike that it’s my first tour. I’m in a state of undress all the time occasionally. I have to get on an airplane and reverse that okay. Remember what I wore on stage more importantly what I didn’t wear on stage.

Full disclosure… I was sexually inappropriate with an entire generation. Musically, primarily.

The door opens and two really good-looking college type gals like marching band type Dallas pretty blondes with pretty clean smiles and bright and cheery come in and they start to clean up the room.

And they do a great job and I’m just laying there and they’re pretending to not notice me I know that I’m lit up like a blowtorch especially with this haircut with these goggles, okay. So there’s no way you’re not gonna look at me if I walk past you I’m designed to make the sidewalk more entertaining.

I think more often than not I’m accurately successful and they’re not paying any attention to me at all they’re really good at being spontaneous even better at not noticing and they do the entire room and just before they leave they both turn around and go:

“We got to tell you the truth we’re not maids.”

This is what I do:

“Who are you?”

They said:

“We just cleaned up for other people’s rooms until we got to yours we didn’t know what room you were in or fans, in fact, we’re groupies.

I should have married him they were like a pair I mean ultimately they were uh pairs hard to separate him it was summertime. Yeah, like all over each other like a cheap white suit on August. Okay, I was trying to peel and love each other like a bumper sticker over here…”

Watch the entire show below (the story begins at 2:19).