Van Halen’s iconic frontman and a famous vocalist David Lee Roth was recently interviewed by Mac Maron on WTF w/ Marc Maron. David Lee Roth revealed an interesting fact that all Van Halen legend started as being a wedding band.

Marc Maron asked that when he is out in Pasadena and when he started with the band, with ‘a’ band.

Here is Roth’s answer:

“Well first time, I think I was – well, there is a phase, in your life, when you’re going to have all of your friends either, if they are Spanish-speaking they are having Quinceañeras or they are having Bat Mitzvah parties.

Every Bat Mitzvah, every Spanish speaking anniversary or wedding would have a combo. This is how Van Halen started, we would play so times at Maharis Mexican Restaurant in the parking lot for every event that happened.”

Marc Maron:

“As Van Halen?”

David Lee Roth:

“Oh yeah, we were named something else, we were called Mammoth at the time but the band was.”

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