Van Halen singer David Lee Roth was recently interviewed on Joe Rogan Experience #1256, and talked about the secret to his solo career.

David Lee Roth shared his opinon about thinking about what he and his band did in their careers… Here is the most crucial point of the interview (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

Joe Rogan:

“Does it ever freak you out, like, when you’re alone and when you think about what you guys did in your career, does it ever freak you out?”

David Lee Roth:

“I’ll paraphrase the James Brown movie. There’s two of them, both of them were helpful, and hopefully produced by Jagger, okay, and he does an interview and goes, ‘There’s a little bit of me in every record you hear.’

He’s in the DNA, there’s a little bit of David Lee Roth in there, there’s a little bit whenever you see videos today, doesn’t matter if it’s hip-hop, doesn’t matter if it’s rock ‘n’ roll, doesn’t matter if it’s classic or pitbull, you can trace it back.

I don’t think of it as impact – that’s the result. What’s the verb? Contribution. At family reunions, whatever, we go around, everybody picks a word, and my favorite word ever was ‘contribution.”

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You can watch the entire interview below.