During a recent conversation with ‘PodKats!,’ Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth has revealed his recent phone call with the legendary Van Halen guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

The whole community knows that Eddie Van Halen is fighting against throat cancer these days. A month ago, Roth talked in an interview with the Las Vegas Journal, and he said that Eddie Van Halen is “not doing well.”

While talking about his recent Las Vegas residency, David Lee Roth has revealed the details of his last phone call with Eddie Van Halen. And he said that he called him to find out some of the gear he needs.

Here’s what DLR said:

“I just called Ed to find out who the guitar tech I need to talk to is and some of the gear I need. Everybody’s fully aware [of the residency]. We live in small circles here. We have the same manager, everything.

The stuff you sing along with, I wrote. I’m a part-owner. It’s in the DNA. Whatever happens with Van Halen, it’s not for me to guess. I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

Somewhere in the interview, David Lee said that he was excited to be in Las Vegas and he wanted to do a lot of things in this magical city.

He said:

“Las Vegas is the epicenter of modern show business today. What you’re used to in the local theaters and drive-ins adjacent is 10-hour bus rides and people trying to accommodate soundchecks in drafty basketball halls in four hours.

That’s the best bands possible. You beat the hell out of your fingers; you beat the hell out of all your wind instruments and your dancers. It’s like the NFL — everybody’s playing hurt. Half of your crew is taking pain pills, and the other half actually have a prescription for those pain pills.

I’m talking about everybody, from the country acts, the blues, urban, hip-hop, rock n’ roll — you’re playing games like doing the old Gene Krupa bands, 19 nights in a row…”

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