Van Halen’s legendary former frontman David Lee Roth has shared a stunning photo of himself with all members of KISS via his official and verified Twitter account.

In December 2019, David Lee Roth had announced that he will be the supporting act of KISS’ farewell tour with his solo band.

Today, he shared a special pose with all members of KISS when they were having a good time at the backstage. If you look at the caption of Roth, he claimed that KISS and his solo band is the best duo ever.

A lot of fans of Valen Halen have written many comments and wanted to see Eddie Van Halen in this picture, but it was not looking possible.

Here’s what he wrote with this photo:

“Name a better duo..”

A fan named Alyssa Akridge shared his thought:

“I don’t think there is a better duo.”

Another fan named Holly said:

“Literally you and Steve Vai.”

You can see the tweet of him right below.