Van Halen’s legendary frontman David Lee Roth released the latest of The New Roth Show on his official YouTube channel and revealed a never-told-before story about Eddie Van Halen.

He also mentioned about how Eddie Van Halen was influenced by Eric Clapton, and said ‘Eddie is very very much steeped in Eric Clapton’.

Roth named that part of the story as “Why Ed never spoke to Dave again?”

Here is the story transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“My sister comes to me and she says Dave it’s 1976. I mean she has to remind me occasionally. (He laughs)

She says Earth Wind & Fire has the best show ever you got to see it at the Forum. I just saw it at the forum it doesn’t occur to me that this is an entirely different voter block in 1976.”

I turned to Eddie at some point and I said:

“Come on let’s get some tickets we’ll go out to the forum. We’re gonna go see Earth Wind & Fire.

He doesn’t really know what Earth Wind & Fire is about. He’s very very much steeped in Eric Clapton. You know hard rock guitar and much prefer it when it comes to listening to it.

So I don’t know that ad really knew what Earth Wind & Fire really was about what I said in fact if you think about it it sounds like a Billy Cobham record. It sounds like it could be Mahavishnu Orchestra or a Jeff Beck kind of a thing.

We drive into the forum parking lot and it becomes clearly evident to add that this is not a deep purple gang.

And as we walk into the forum there are 20,000 people I’ll be perfectly direct there’s 20,000 screaming enthusiastic lit up switched on African Americans and two white boys.

Take your time with which ones you think those might be. “

You can watch the whole show below.