Sebastian Bach, the former frontman of the New Jersey-based heavy metal band Skid Row, revealed his best story including the Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth and Guns N’ Roses legend Axl Rose.

During his appearance on Best Story Ever in 2012, the Canadian icon, Sebastian Bach, has opened up about one of his greatest memories, which began on a road trip with the former co-president of Columbia Records, Rick Rubin, and ended up with David Lee Roth’s long heartfelt letters.

On the show, Bach recalled the day when Rubin put David, Axl, and Sebastian himself into his car and drove. Sebastian Bach said David Lee Roth was drinking Jack Daniels and with every shot, he was getting a little more jacked.

Eventually, Lee Roth blamed both Axl Rose and Sebastian for being the pretenders to his throne, Bach said. He added that Axl got very pissed off after that claim and said he doesn’t pretend to be anything.

The next day, David Lee Roth sent handwritten letters to both Bach and Rose, apologizing for his nonsense words last night, which was resulted from his pride and Jack Daniels. Sebastian Bach ended up the story by humorously admitting that he was actually pretending to David’s throne.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said during the Best Story Ever:

“Rick Rubin puts me, and Axl Rose, and David Lee Roth into his car and we drive to the rainbow on sunset. So Dave’s drinking Jack Daniels and with every shot he’s getting a little more jacked.

All the sudden, Dave turns around and he goes boom. ‘Looks like I got a couple pretenders to my throne right here, I said, I said, I said.’ And Axl looks at me and he goes ‘What did he just fucking say?’

And Axl goes to Dave, ‘I’m not a pretender to your throne, I’m not pretending to know throne, I don’t pretend to be nothing, I’m not on your throne.'”

He continued:

“The next day, I got a letter from David Lee Roth, a fax, a handwritten letter, saying Sebastian what you heard last night was my pride in rock and roll, and Jack Daniels, and I love rock and roll.

This is my life and when I hear you sing it reminds me of like when I first got into rock. And I called Axl, I go ‘Dude! David Lee Roth just sent me a letter.’ And Axl goes, ‘He sent me one too.’

Dave wrote us both very heartfelt cool letters, saying we’re not pretending to his throne or whatever, but, I kind of was pretending to Dave’s throne.”

You can see the episode in which Bach tells his best story below.