Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared a new illustration from his comic series ‘Soggy Bottom’ on his official Twitter page, and apparently, the message he tried to convey was not understood by his fans as there are many hypotheses.

As many of you may recall, David Lee Roth has been sharing illustrations for his hand-drawn comic series, ‘Soggy Bottom,’ both on his official website and social media accounts since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

‘Soggy Bottom’ is relevant to the issues that have been going on in the world right now, in addition to David Lee Roth’s personal matters which fans are thrilled to see Roth’s point of view via his artwork.

Recently, David Lee Roth shared another piece of his illustration series on his official Twitter page. Most of the time his drawings convey a clear and unique message, however, this time fans are confused by Roth’s comic. Most of his fans assumed the ‘punishing theme’ of the comic was based on Donald Trump’s accusations of vote fraud. Yet, his claim about the woman who realized that more than her votes had been stolen made the illustration even more complicated to understand.

Here is what David Lee Roth stated in his latest illustration:

“Dawn verdict, first of the new breed of detective dominatrixes; she solves the crime and delivers the verdict right where it hurts!! (Every Time)

So for all you bad little boys and girls who like to do a little penance right along with the sin…, We offer you indeed, a very serious… Dawn verdict!! (You worthless tramp!!)

Ballot Box Bomshell

When she finally awoke, more than her vote had been stolen.”

Here is what a fan stated about Roth’s mysterious message:

“Gotta love DLR, Am I the only one that does not understand what the hell he is saying here hahaha need a DLR translator.”

Here’s how another fan replied:

“Keep reading it and come to your own conclusion! Probably to do with voter fraud accusations on news.”

Additionally, a fan of Roth’s masterpieces claimed he was sending a message to Sammy Hagar, who wasn’t following the Covid-19 regulations properly, with the illustration he posted last week.

Here is what a fan claimed about David’s previous artwork:

“This isn’t the message he’s trying to convey here, you know. He made the Sammy bashing cartoon last week because Sam was not following social distance regulations

You can see the Twitter post below.