The iconic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth displayed another piece from his well-known artwork series to give another new year message to his followers and implied he was actually hopeful for the future.

The multitalented musician David Lee Roth has been focusing on his artworks which he uses as a tool to criticize certain social and political matters. In the illustrations he shares via his Twitter account, Roth sometimes portrays different stories from his imagination which always manages to impress his devoted fans.

As you may recall, last week, David shared a new illustration on Twitter to wish his fans a happy new year. However, he aimed to draw attention to an important problem of the world by writing a message about the ongoing environmental crisis, and he added the note saying ‘Mother nature knockout!.’

Recently, David Lee Roth revealed that he wasn’t done with sharing his final messages before 2020 is over. Apparently, this time, Roth wanted to reflect a more positive and hopeful side of his after mentioning the terrible future waiting for us if we don’t take an action about the environmental problems around the world.

In his recent illustration, initially, David simply wished a happy new year to his fans and followers once again. Then, he stated that we, humans, will try again to do better tomorrow while implying he is not completely hopeless about the future of humanity regardless of all the tragedies we faced during 2020.

Here’s what David wrote in his latest illustration:

“Happy New Year

We’ll try again tomorrow…”

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on his official Twitter account below.