On Twitter, Van Halen‘s legendary vocalist David Lee Roth shared a new piece of his artwork using his recently announced nickname, ‘El Roth.’

As you might recall, Van Halen icon David Lee Roth has been sharing his artworks with the fans on his social media accounts frequently. The multitalented musician’s illustrations gained the appreciation of his fans and followers.

Last week, David posted the picture of another drawing of his and announced that he wanted to be called ‘El Roth.’ On the artwork, David stated:

“David ‘Lee’ Roth Changes Name! Diamond Dave following Lady Antebellum’s (now Lady ‘A’) Example will be dropping the ‘Lee’ from now on. He wants us all to call him, ‘David L. Roth’ or Simply El Roth.”

Recently on Twitter, David shared yet another of his drawings, signing it with his new name ‘El Roth.’ As you will see in the photo below, the theme of David’s new work is ‘Corona.’ While he was depicting our ‘trip into the corona,’ he used some familiar names as the parts of the modern military, such as Beyonce, Drake, and Prince.

Here’s what ‘El Roth‘ stated on his recent illustration:

“As our trip into the Corona continues,

Modern Military makes changes

Fort Beyonce!

FireBase Drake!

The Airfield, formerly known as Prince…

Further ideas encouraged”

You can see the photo David Lee Roth shared on his official Twitter account below.