Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth posted a tweet to share his final shows’ poster, but it created a dispute between the fans, and some of them think he won’t retire after these concerts.

As you may recall, in one of his previous interviews, David Lee Roth announced that he has decided to retire after his five concerts in Las Vegas, which will start in January 2022. Also, Diamond Dave said that he has been thinking about his friend and bandmate, Eddie Van Halen, who passed away last year.

It seems like Eddie’s passing affected Roth’s vision about his career since the musician said that he thought he was going to die before Eddie. However, his retirement decision was hard to accept for his devoted fans, and some claimed that he wouldn’t stop performing live and it was a strategy to sell more tickets.

Therefore, Diamond Dave’s followers continued their claims about his final shows, saying that they won’t be the last ones in the comment section of his latest tweet about the Las Vegas concerts poster. Also, several fans stated that he deserves to rest after being in the rock scene for almost fifty years.

Roth’s tweet read:

“Roth on Tour.”

A fan responded:

The last…

Another one added:

“I thought you just announced your retirement?”

You can see the tweets below.