Van Halen’s legendary former frontman David Lee Roth has continued to share bizarre photos belong to him via his official Twitter account, and he revealed his bad habits with these poses one more time.

On March 1, David Lee Roth had shared an interesting photo when he was having a great time on the backstage of his concert with KISS. Also, he was smoking a cigarette with a glass of whiskey. Click here to see the photo.

Today, he has posted yet another strange photo of himself via his Twitter account and revealed his bad habit. In the photo, he’s sitting on the speakers and drinking a bottle of whiskey.

Also, David Lee Roth has written a very funny message with this photo. It has reached more than 1.5K likes and a lot of comments were written by followers.

Here’s what he wrote with it:

“You gotta stay hydrated folks.

#DavidLeeRoth #DLR #DiamondDave #VanHalen #VH:@PatrickHarbron.”

A user named Lauria commented:

“Love the old shots!!”

Another user named Jesse Wightman wrote this:

“I prefer lemon in my y’all. Water does the body wonders.”

You can see the photo of him right below.