On Twitter, Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth shared another piece from his artwork series, yet this time confused his fans with the headline ‘Summertimes Here Baby‘ and the illustration of a crashing plane.

As you may know, the iconic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has been displaying the pieces of his artworks with the fans often on social media. Since the beginning of lockdown days, David impressed the fans with his illustrations which portrayed different stories from his imagination.

In his recent post on Twitter, David Lee Roth shared another piece of his artworks portraying a man with a gas mask in a plane that seemed to be crashing. David used the headline of ‘Summertimes Here Baby‘ in his recent illustration which confused the fans about the meaning.

Furthermore, the multitalented Van Halen icon wrote ‘Nutty New Normal‘ which might be referring to the new normal we had to apply in our daily life since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what David Lee Roth wrote on his recent illustration:

“Summertimes Here Baby!!

Nutty New Normal

Boffo Beach Wear!

Workplace Wardrobe Wallop!!”

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on Twitter below.