During a recent interview with ‘PodKats!, ‘Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth spoke to John ‘Kats’ Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

His Las Vegas residence has not started yet, but David Lee seems to have created a list of things to do in Las Vegas. 

While talking about the attractive charm of Las Vegas, David Lee Roth said that he is a fan of the iconic pop singer, Lady Gaga. He also added that he is a fan of Los Angeles artists such as Bruno Mars, Metallica, Aerosmith.

Here’s what DLR said:

“Las Vegas is the epicenter of modern show business today. What you’re used to in the local theaters and drive-ins adjacent is 10-hour bus rides and people trying to accommodate soundchecks in drafty basketball halls in four hours.

That’s the best bands possible. You beat the hell out of your fingers; you beat the hell out of all your wind instruments and your dancers. It’s like the NFL — everybody’s playing hurt. Half of your crew is taking pain pills, and the other half actually have a prescription for those pain pills.

I’m talking about everybody, from the country acts, the blues, urban, hip-hop, rock n’ roll — you’re playing games like doing the old Gene Krupa bands, 19 nights in a row…”

He continued:

“When I go to a show, I’m a crybaby, whiny-ass little bitch. I want everything perfect — I want it better than perfect. I want boom in the room. I want my ass getting bumped when the bass man thumps appropriately.

I want visual. Bring me a new haircut, pair of shoes, and I’m going to grade unflinchingly, like a New York City film critic — hard, baby… Las Vegas delivers, delivers, delivers. I’m a [Lady] Gaga fan, I’m a Bruno Mars fan, I’m a Metallica fan. I love Journey I’m going to go see Aerosmith. I love the UFC. My whole life is mixed martial arts, and it’s all really better there.

I’m telling you as a complainy, crybaby, whiny-ass, you know — as a fan, I’m a fan, but the fans who are truly fans complain all the time. I’m a troll. Its keeps the bar nice and high.”

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