In a recent interview, the frontman of Van Halen and talented visual artist, David Lee Roth, discussed his latest project and referred to himself as a pop-star which shocked the rock and metal music fans.

As you probably know, David Lee Roth reached fame as the frontman of the legendary band, Van Halen. He was the band’s singer from 1974 to 1985, in 1996, finally from 2006 until the band’s disbandment.

Aside from his passion for music, this year David made it perfectly clear that he is interested in visual arts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, David has been posting his pandemic-themed sketches on his social media accounts.

After receiving positive feedback, David decided to start a new project and materialize his passion for visual arts and the works he created. Describing visual art projects can be difficult but David has found the perfect words to explain the nature of his project. On the project’s official webpage, the project is described as a visual and audio story designed by David Lee Roth.

Here’s the description that is given on the webpage‘s home page:

“This immersive comic is a high resolution visual & audio story that is best experienced on a fast computer/device and a fast internet connection. Put on your headphones. Open your mind.”

During his recent interview, David talked about the importance of computer-based visual arts and said that the outcome is far superior to the printed page. He added that once we don’t have any trees left, comic books are going to follow the same fate as all vinyl, which is something that he doesn’t want.

Here’s what David said:

“When there aren’t any more trees, your comic books are going to go the way of all vinyl. The most entertaining, the most colorful, and the most engaging thing is the medium itself – the mechanism. It’s vastly superior to the turned and printed page.”

In order to create such an important piece of art, David said that he needed a good crew just like Mile Davis when he was working on ‘Bitches Brew‘ which came to be known as his highest-charting album.

Similarly, David assembled the most talented people to help him with his new project. It turns out that the crew David brought together consists of the people who are working for Elon Musk!

Here’s what David said about his crew:

“When Miles Davis did ‘Bitches Brew,’ he assembled the most stellar talent he could. Our talent extends to Colin Smith — and beyond. The fellas who coded this beast? These are the same fellas who are working for Elon Musk and doing coding for him.”

When asked how he managed to bring this crew together, David said that one of the best things about being a ‘pop-star‘ is that you can easily convince people to work with you on your new projects, even if they have never met you before.

Even though he said this jokingly, the fact that he called himself a pop-star instead of a rockstar shocked his fans. It was definitely surprising to see that the former Van Halen frontman believed that ‘pop-star’ was an appropriate title for him.

David laughingly said:

“It’s one of the privileges of being a pop-star.”

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