At the end of 2019, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has started a massive live performance tour with his solo band. Recently, he also joined the farewell tour of KISS as an opening act.

According to a recent report of Alternative Nation, David Lee Roth, who is known for his powerful voice, hired two additional singers to support his singing.

The recent rumors say that David Lee Roth is not strong enough as much as his prime time right now, and he wanted to support his vocal with two additional back vocals.

AN has revealed a bold criticism from one of the biggest Van Halen fan forum, VHLinks, which is written by a forum member named ‘Ziggy Small.’ Here’s what he said:

“I do understand a voice will go south as one gets older. Typically one’s voice goes lower though. Dave, on the other hand, has progressively tried to sing higher since 2007. That’s my issue. I do understand he isn’t going to sound like 2007 Dave. Let alone 1987 Dave. However, what he does to Dance the Night Away isn’t due to his age. Some of his new vocal melodies in other songs that go above the range of the recording, don’t work either.

When he keeps it low, it’s fine for his age and his limitations. However, its what he thinks he can do or sounds good is the issue. His flirtation with the upper register is akin to Eddie’s use of the sustainer. Every once in awhile it’s ok to try something new. However, using it like Kirk Hammett’s wah-wah is overkill.”

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