Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recently shared his new visual art on his official Twitter account to describe humanity’s current situation in a world which has been enslaved to a very dangerous global pandemic.

As you may know, apart from his remarkable vocal talents and successful music projects both as a solo musician and Van Halen icon, David Lee Roth has also received very positive reviews from his fans with paintings and comic book series named ‘Soggy Bottom.’ As a visual artist, Roth aims to draw attention to the ongoing problems in the world.

Thus, in his previous sketches and paintings, Roth reflected his thoughts and ideas on various subjects such as fast-food chains, climate change, the internet’s destroying privacy, and many more. Also, he shared his art with his fans through social media to warn them about the dangerous situations they are about to face.

David Lee Roth posted his new painting entitled ‘La Covida’ on his Twitter account. ‘La Vida’ means life, so the painting’s title can be interpreted as a pun for ‘life in Covid.’ The artwork can be interpreted as the situation of a person who is surrendered by a virus and tries to stay alive even if they are terrified. It seems that Roth wanted to highlight that the global pandemic is now becoming an inseparable part of life.

Here’s what Roth wrote in his painting:

La Covida.

You can see the tweet below.