Former Korn drummer David Silveria shared details about the band’s guitarist Brian Welch’s departure from Korn during his recent appearance on Rocking With Jam Man and cleared the air about how he announced it.

Korn’s founding member Brian Welch declared that he would leave the band in front of 10,000 people during a concert in 2005. Welch revealed why he had to leave Korn, saying he wanted to care for his family and get rid of his ongoing addiction problem.

However, it’s been rumored that Welch hadn’t informed his bandmates about his decision before the live show. On the other hand, Korn’s original drummer David Silveria stayed in the band until 2006, when he decided to leave because of personal problems with his bandmates. During his recent interview, he opened up about these rumors.

Silveria stated that the drummer guaranteed that Brian Welch let his bandmates know about the situation through their agencies or something else before they performed their live performances. However, he also highlighted that he didn’t remember what exactly happened back then.

Silveria said in his interview that:

I’m trying to remember exactly how it happened. To be perfectly honest, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Head or anybody else, I don’t really remember how we were told.

It wasn’t on stage, definitely not. I’m pretty sure it’s probably through our managers, but to be perfectly honest, I just don’t remember, other than it was a sad day.”

You can watch the interview below.