Canadian actor and producer Ryan Reynolds has shared a new trailer of ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ movie in a tweet and trailer featuring that Deadpool reacts to a Nickelback hater.

In the trailer, Fred Savage (Nickelback hater) talked about Nickelback and said:

“They’re over-produced, formulaic ear garbage.”

And Deadpool responded:

“Oh really? You know who might disagree with that? Facts. 50 million albums worldwide. 11th best selling musical act of all time. Billboard’s most successful rock group of the last decade. Six Grammy nominations.

12 Juno Awards – those count. Six Billboard Music Awards. Two American Music Awards. One People’s Choice Award (Canadian). And a partidge in a f*****g pear tree.”

Then, Deadpool and Savage then jointly perform and rock out to Nickelback classic “How You Remind Me”.

Watch the trailer from below.

So, what Nickelback thinks about the trailer, here’s the answer: