Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda spoke in an interview with Nothing Shocking podcast and revealed what he thinks about “The Big Four” bands.

He said:

“I don’t know necessarily if we were slighted, ’cause the ‘Big Four’ is the ‘Big Four’ for an absolute reason — plain and simple. But now I think at least there is a metal scene again. [Laughs] There was a while when there was no metal scene, and we were broken up anyway. But it’s now that there is a metal scene and younger kids are getting into it.”

I don’t feel slighted — I don’t. The ‘Big Four’ will always be the ‘Big Four,’ but I do think that we definitely still have to fight extra hard for respect. We’ve earned a lot of respect from journalists and fans that, at one point, kind of overlooked us.

And I think ’cause of our persistence, and, I guess, the aggressiveness of our material that has grown a great deal that I think we won a lot of people over that used to kind of scoff at us.”

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth.

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