During in a recent interview with Mammoth Metal TV, death metal band veterans, Obituary’s bass guitarist Terry Butler has shared new updates about their upcoming album.

He said that ‘we’re not KISS or Iron Maiden, because of that we can’t take six or seven years between albums’.

Here’s the statement:

“There are some riffs kicking around, and we’ve actually been talking when we wanna get together and start writing music, which is gonna be soon. You’ve gotta keep it going. You can’t take six or seven years between albums; we’re not KISS or Iron Maiden or whatever.

People still wanna hear new music. Even though you don’t sell a lot of records anymore, they still wanna hear new music. So, yeah, we’ve got some stuff in the works.

When you boil it down, at this stage of the game for us, it’s definitely a business. I mean, we love playing music and we love playing for people, for crowds, but it’s a business. So you’ve gotta the engine running; you’ve gotta tour — that’s where the money is at these days.”

Obituary’s latest album ‘Obituary’ was released in 2017. The band was formed in 1985.

You can watch the entire interview from below.