During a recent appearance on the New Orleans radio station Bayou 95.7, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider reflected on the Great White concert fire tragedy and said that the band’s frontman, Jack Russell, is utterly devastated and sorry for what happened.

As you might know, the Great White concert fire happened on February 20, 2003, just seconds after Great White took the stage to perform. The pyrotechnics set off by the band’s tour manager behind the performers ignited the soundproofing foam on the ceiling. It reached flashover in less than 90 seconds and made it impossible for many audience numbers to escape.

Although firefighters worked hard to get people out of there, 100 people, including Great White’s guitarist, Ty Longley, died in the smoke and flames. It left more than 200 people injured. The fire was the fourth-deadliest at a nightclub in US history. Following the tragedy, the band agreed to pay $1 million to survivors and victims’ relatives of the fire, and later on, they also arranged a benefit tour for the survivors and victims of the fire.

The tragic incident is also the subject of a Reelz documentary titled ‘The Guest List: America’s Deadliest Concert,’ and Dee Snider is also involved in the documentary’s production. During his recent interview about the film, the rocker said that Great White has been carrying this burden for years as it happened when they were performing, but he thinks there was nothing intentionally done.

Thus, for him, it is kind of ruthless to put all the blame on Great White. Dee Snider expressed that he enjoyed the making process of the documentary since it allowed Great White’s frontman, Jack Russell, to speak up. Snider revealed that the incident had a devastating effect on Russell and described him as a ‘broken man.’ The singer admits that it was wrong to set off pyrotechnics in a small club, but he is sure that Great White members didn’t do it intentionally as they wouldn’t want to hurt any of their audience.

Dee Snider’s words on the Great White concert fire tragedy:

“It’s hard to remember and listen to, but a hundred people burned to death, over two hundred were injured, and 65 kids lost one or both parents in a fire in a nightclub. Great White was playing. And yeah, Great White, they were vilified. Their pyro ignited the building, and wrong or right, they’ve been shouldering the blame for a long time.

One of the things I like about this documentary is it’s very well-rounded and it actually allows Jack Russell to speak. I remember Jack from back when, and we toured together back in the heyday, and now he’s a broken man. And people may say and rightfully so. But let me just say, was it stupid, was it foolish to set off pyro in a small club? Yes. Was it malicious? Not on your life. They would never, ever intentionally hurt any of their fans.”

You can watch the trailer of the documentary about the incident below.