In an interview with The Jasta Show, Dee Snider, the vocalist of Twisted Sister states his admiration and respect towards fairly young musician Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. He not only expresses his admiration and respect but also states how much he would like to meet him.

We have seen Dee Snider, show his talents in many areas such as acting, hosting a radio show, and of course, making music even independently from his band Twisted Sister. The 66-year-old musician is adding more and more to his success as the years pass and this time after releasing ‘S.M.F (Live in the USA)’ in 2018, Snider gets back in the studio with a lot of desire to create something during the Covid-19 pandemic. He will bless not only his fans but also rock music fans in general with his new solo album ‘Leave a Scar’ on July 30, 2021. ‘Leave a Scar’ is exciting rock music fans especially because of Snider’s collaboration with Cannibal Corpse’s George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher.

In his recent interview, Snider talked about his admiration towards Dave Grohl who knows how to spot the important musicians of his time. Grohl’s success after the separation of the grunge band Nirvana is not going unnoticed by both the fans and important musicians. One of these musicians is Dee Snider, who is looking optimistically at rock music’s future.

Snider also resembles Grohl to Phil Collins the vocalist and the drummer of Genesis, in his ways of easing people into rock music with this technique of using the aggressiveness of rock music in pop songs. Snider believes that Grohl is a ‘true metal fan.’

Here is his full answer:

“Dave Grohl. I’ve got so much admiration for him and respect, a true fan of metal. That Probot record [2004’s self-titled] – that is so good. If people don’t know of Probot, Dave is a fan of hardcore metal. He got all those great vocalists [for the Probot project], and just created this album, wrote songs with them, produced them, recorded them…

I’m just dying to say, ‘Dude, just tell me I was on the list!’ I’m hoping that I didn’t make the cut but have a feeling that if you liked that stuff, then you liked ‘Under the Blade,’ at least that, and maybe had a bleeding thought for a minute, ‘Dee Snider…? Hm, no, no…’

Because he had other people like Lemmy, Max [Cavalera], and all these great metal vocalists are on there. I’ve performed with all these [Foo Fighters] guys when they do the Chevy Metal thing, I’ve performed with the Chevy Metal guys, but I’ve never met Dave. We are both coffee junkies.

He is a true metal fan! It comes through, he has put out some aggressive stuff in the pop songs, it’s real aggression and a real power. And screaming! He’s getting people to accept this. I admire him. I’m not a Phil Collins fan but he is a Phil Collins of his generation. This guy plays amazing drums, produces, writes, sings, does it all! And does it well.”

Talking about Grohl’s success and noticing him in this big arena of rock music, Snider is raising the optimistic views of rock music fans for rock music’s future.

You can watch the interview below.