Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider shared a new post on Twitter to correct an information about his previous tweet in which he said he was invoking his 2nd Amendment right, and stated that he actually wanted to point out his 1st Amendment right.

The legendary vocalist of Twisted Sister has been using his social media accounts to express his opinions on social and political matters. Dee also responds to the messages he receives from his devoted fans asking questions about his music career and personal life.

Yesterday, Snider posted a tweet to show his reaction to the the supporters of Donald Trump who stormed U.S. Capitol to protest the presidential election which they have observed as ‘fraud.’ In his tweet, Dee urged the Trump supporters to unfollow him immediately before he starts blocking them one by one.

In addition, Dee Snider stated that he was invoking his 2nd Amendment right, right to bear arms, since he was sick of dealing with the Trump supporters and their comments on social media. However, earlier today, Dee shared another tweet to correct a mistake in his previous statement and mentioned that he wanted to point out his 1st Amendment right, freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

Although he admits that he mistakenly wrote 2nd Amendment right, Snider suggested that it might also be a subconscious statement. He added that he might be subconsciously letting people know that he is armed and ready to defend himself, his family, and his country towards those protestors who do nothing but harming the country.

Here is what Dee Snider stated in his latest tweet:

People keep asking me if I meant to say ‘1st amendment’ – I did. But thinking about my writing 2nd amendment I realize it was a subconscious statement. I was letting all know I’m armed and ready to defend (not attack) myself, my family and my country! #truepatriot #trueamerican

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.