Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider started a survey on Twitter to learn his followers’ views on how fans should use celebrities’ personal information if they get access to it. Then, he recalled chasing two fans by using a chainsaw.

There is no doubt that celebrities have often dealt with various stalker problems, intruders, and overreacting or obsessed fans during their careers. Many of them found their phone numbers and addresses, which turned into serious issues and some even committed crimes on different occasions.

The most known incidents can be regarded as Eddie Vedder’s stalker, who drove her car into his house, David Lee Roth’s obsessed fan who followed him for seven years, and Jessica Leigh Robbins, who threatened to harm Chris Cornell and his family after she claimed that his wife Vicky was a drug addict.

In his recent tweet, Snider said that he’s always respectful and friendly towards his fans who approach him on the streets but this changes if they disrespect him. Dee Snider revealed that he was also once disturbed by intruder kids, who found his house and jumped over his fence. To make them leave, he had to chase them with a chainsaw, which he now seems to regret.

Here’s what Snider wrote:

“If a fan ‘gains access’ to a celebrity’s personal contact info, is okay to…”

He went on:

“For those interested, I am totally accepting of a fans’ right to approach me on the street and I am usually very gracious… but there was this one time a couple of kids climbed over my fence and I chased them off the property with a chainsaw.

You can check out the tweets below.