Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider revealed that he has been working on a new horror movie during the coronavirus outbreak by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and showed why he loves his wife, Suzette Snider.

Dee stated that he has been thinking about how to kill one of the characters in the script that he wrote and asked for Suzette’s opinion about it. However, the answer is not the way Dee was expecting.

Suzette asked if the death will be with kindness or not and stunned Dee with this answer in their 19 years of marriage. Dee revealed his love for Suzette once again and stated that we need more of these good things in real life.

Here is what Dee Snider said:

Working on a new horror screenplay and I told my wife Suzette Snider (not a fan of horror) I needed an idea for how to kill one of my characters. Without hesitation, she said, ‘With kindness?’ I love that woman. We need more of that. (Just not in scary movies).”

You can check out the tweet below.