Twisted Sister’s former frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and congratulated Sebastian Bach on receiving his second COVID-19 vaccine shot, while saying that he cannot wait to rock the way we love again.’

As you know, Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider have quite a good relationship, and they are both very vocal about their views on social and political matters. They both enjoy using their social media accounts to express their thoughts, inform their fans about the ongoing pandemic, and update them about what they’ve been up to.

While doing this, Snider and Bach also interact with each other. For instance, over three months ago, Snider had revealed that the two of them had a conversation after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, during which they discussed their views on this happening and where they stand. Aside from friends, Snider and Bach are also co-workers as they are both valuable members of the iconic supergroup Kings of Chaos.

Recently, Bach announced through his Instagram account that he received his second shot to which Snider responded in a very positive and hopeful way. He said that he can’t wait to rock with Bach and the Kings of Chaos again, and reminded everyone that the vaccine ‘is what we all need to rock the way we love again.’

Here’s what Dee Snider said in his tweet:

“GO BAZ! We will rock together, BOTH VACCINATED, with Kings of Chaos before too long! This is what we all need to rock the way we love again!”

You can check out Dee Snider’s tweet and watch his performance of ‘Wanted Man‘ with Kings of Chaos below.